AC : Mise à jour Officielles, Early Acess 0.22

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AC : Mise à jour Officielles, Early Acess 0.22

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Assetto Corsa Early Access - Mises à jour officielles

Développer par Kunos Simulazioni sortie le 8 nov 2013

À propos du jeu
Assetto Corsa is a next-generation driving simulator for Windows PC which reproduces real-world circuits (with laserscan technology), as well as road and racing cars. The final version of the game will include a single player career, special events and will allow the player to create and customize offline competitions and multiplayer races to challenge other players.

Thanks to the "Early Access" Steam program, players can buy Assetto Corsa saving 22% of the retail price, getting the access to the beta version, including its updates, and they will receive the final version of the game, when it will be released, without any additional charge.

Constant Updates
As part of the early access program, starting by the first release, an update with new contents and features (improving the existing ones too) will be available every two weeks. All the vehicles and tracks will be released in a level of completion close to the final one, with the aim to deliver, starting by the first version, an enjoyable and satisfying simulation, featuring cars and tracks reproduced at their best, with the exception of unknown minor bugs that will be fixed and polished in time for the final version of Assetto Corsa.

Extended features
During the whole process, new game modes and damage model features will be progressively added in the scheduled time, in order to close in short time the final release, that will include the career mode and other exclusive contents.

Early Access 0.1 (08.11.13)
Voitures :
- Abarth 500 esseesse
- BMW M3 GT2, M3 E30, M3 E92, Z4 35is
- Ferrari 458 Italia
- KTM X-Bow R
- Lotus Elise SC, Exige Scura, Type 49
- Tatuus FA010
- Imola
- Magione
- Monza 1966
- Silverstone International
Mise à jour 0.2 (28.11.13)
Voitures :
- Pagani Zonda R
- P4/5 Competizione Scuderia Cameron-Glickenhaus
- Lotus 2 Eleven
- M3 E30 S1 et correction puissance
- M3 E92 S1 et Drift
- Z4 35is S1
- Mugello
- Circuit de drift
Mise à jour 0.3 (06.12.13)
Voitures :
- McLaren Mp4 12c
- Lotus Exige S Roadster, Evora S
- Abarth 500 SS Step1
- BMW M3 E30 Drift (changement du moteur
- Lotus Elise SC S1 et S2
- Silverstone GP
- Vallelunga Club
Mise à jour 0.4 (20.12.13)
Voitures :
- BMW M3 E30 Group A, Z4 GT3
- Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione, F40, 458 S3, F40 S3
- Monza
- Drag 1000 m et 400m
Mise à jour 0.5 (17.01.14)
- Activation des IA et des événements Course
- Modification des pneus (températures)
Voitures :
- BMW 1M series
- Lotus Evora GTE
Mise à jour 0.6 (17.01.14)
- Activation des IA sur tous les circuits, corrections IA, améliorations des collisions
- possibilité de désactiver l'affichage du volant virtuel
Mise à jour 0.6.5 (14.02.14)
- Améliorations pour Oculus Rift
- corrections des physiques des voitures
- Activation des dégâts moteur
- McLaren MP4-12C GT3
- mise à jour BMW 1M S3, Lotus Evora S2
- améliorations de l'aero des BMW Z4 GT3, M3 GT2, Ferrari 599XX, et P4/5 Competizione
- Dégâts du moteur en cas de surrégime
Mise à jour 0.7 (28.02.14)
- Lotus Exos 125
- Lotus Exos 125 S1
- Nurburgring GP
- mise à jour de certaines textures sur Monza
Mise à jour 0.7.5 (14.03.14)
- Pagani Huayra (sons du turbo wip)
- corrections de l'aéro de la Lotus Exos T125
- Réglage des collisions en attendant la mise à jour des IA
- App: Description du circuit
- Option de désactivation des dégâts
- Traduction en français
- Correction des collisions sur Monza et Silverstone GP
Mise à jour 0.7.6 (18.03.14)
- Further reductions to the launcher's physical RAM usage while the simulator is active.
- Huayra steering wheel lock to lock modification
- Huayra collision boxes adjustments
- Updates and fixes on new skins of BMW 1M S3 and BMW M3 E30 Drift
- Huayra fixed rims orientation
- Collision fixes
- End race report fixes
Mise à jour 0.7.7 (20.03.14)
- Fixed drag race starting issue
- added debouncing MS delay for paddle shifter
- added custom starting position.
Mise à jour 0.7.8 (22.03.14)
- Default Launcher Theme: Fixed an issue with assist level naming defaulting to "custom"
- Default Launcher Theme: Adding option for toggling the setting of assists based on controller settings
- Default Launcher Theme: Added the option to clear the car preview cache and reload the UI
Mise à jour 0.8 (28.03.14)
- Lotus Exige 240
- Ferrari 312T F1
- Revised AI behavior
- Collisions performance improvements
- New sky box with clouds
- Fixed gui issue with spinner
- Improved x360 controller support at low speed
- Fixed gearshift sound on BMW M3 e92 Drift
- Improved rearview mirrors & added more rendering options in the launcher
- Default launcher theme: opponent skins are randomized from all available skins
- Default launcher theme: opponent setups are now set on a per-track basis
- Launcher: control configuration's Xbox360 section revised
- Fixed end race chart display bug
Mise à jour 0.8.5 (11.04.14)
- Lotus Evora GTC
- Lotus Evora GX
-Race Weekend
-AI improvements
-Fuel lap prediction
-Improved mouse with ingame gui
-Gui fixes and improvements
-Animations on secondary elements of the track
-Enable/disable keyboard commands with wheel or gamepad
-Skybox graphical improvements
-Tweaked kerbs volume
Mise à jour 0.8.6 (15.04.14)
- Default launcher theme: fixed lap number for special events not updating
- Default launcher theme: various UI element placement adjustments
Mise à jour 0.8.7 (15.04.14)
- Fixed Race weekend output
- Improved AI
- Improved AI Fuel evaluation
- Fixed FF vibration with stationary car (Mclaren GT3)
- Graphics optimizations
Mise à jour 0.9 (09.05.14)
Mise à jour 0.10 (23.05.14)
- SERVER UPDATED : using a new protocol, please update your servers
- Chat anti-flood
- Anti-cheating system implemented
- Kick user, Restart session, Skip session voting system implemented
- Chat python functions exposed
- Multiplayer Collisions improvements
- Some CPU performance improvements
- UI improvements
- Race control panel in pits menu
- AI Fixes
- Added "display recently joined servers" filter to server list
- Default launcher theme: extra sanitization for URI-unfriendly characters in content folder paths
Mise à jour 0.15 (06.06.14)
- Editor released and available as a tool for everyone
- acServer bugfixing
- Physics & time-related fixes
- Fixed AI setup loading
- Setup Debug follows the currently focused car
Mise à jour 0.20 (20.06.14)
- New setting enables forms to overlap ingame
- Fix to some cars in showroom
- Fixed debug apps
- Improved log messages for easier debug
- Improvements in skybox rendering inside the cubemap
- Addedd penalty in time attack for going too slow
- Fixed Time Attack spawn position in some track
- Added Formula K car with open physics as a template car for modders (found inside folder sdk/dev)
- Added open tyre physics files from all AC cars (found inside folder sdk/dev/tyres_ac) as examples
- BMW Z4 GT3 performance balance (slightly faster)
- Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige 240r
- Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige S Roadster
- Corrected disappearing cockpit on M3 E92
- Corrected wrong proportions on Ferrari 458 mirrors
- Corrected internal glasses on lotus GTC and GX
- Fixed Python lap count
- Increased Setup bar animation speed
- Fixed error for laptimes > 99:59:999
- New Shared Memory Layout (update your application!) example on
- Fixed non-ascii symbols on Setup Tab
- Fixed time left showed in Basic App during practice solo session
Mise à jour 0.20 (20.06.14)
- Multiplayer Improvements : New server version available
- Multiplayer Gameplay improvements
- New Post Processing Effects engine implemented
- Implemented booking-less server joining
- Physical Dynamic track implemented
- Shader fixes and improvements
- Time Attack fixed start with too much time
- Fixed AI starting at the same time in qualify
- AI improvements, better gas control and understeer detection
- New Car : Lotus 98T
- lotus elise sc, exige 240R, scura, exige s roadster speedometers corrections
- changes in speedometers visualization depending on UI options and car design
- Tyre damping modifications for all cars
- Ideal Line improvements
- Improved Python Apps error handling on loading
- Dynamic wing controller now use setup value as initial angle value.
- Localization fixes
- Time Difference displayer improved
- Fixed camera triple screen & driver names
- Fixes in Replay for cars with animated suspensions
- Fixed "You have been sent to pits" issue
- GUI forms default position not overlapping with system messages anymore & GUI Improvements
- Showroom updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
- ksEditor updated with the latest graphic engine improvements
- Per-Car New setup option to customize Force Feedback
- Disabled AI in multiplayer events
- Replay size reduced by half
- Fixed crew placement in multiplayer events
- Virtual mirror remembers its last state & virtual mirror improvements on triple screen cfg
- Fixed mirror rendering bug
- Adjustable brake balance while driving, for cars that support the feature
- Adjustable brake balance in the physics brakes.ini file
- Brake balance working with all the control configurations
- Fixed wrong time reported after Booking
Mise à jour 0.22 (29.08.14)
- In-game apps must now be enabled in the game's launcher under Options > General
- Added new car Mercedes SLS
- Added new track Nurburgring Sprint
- Tyre model modifications, more direct and "alive" FFB on all cars. We advice less FF "effects"
- AI modifications for Mercedes SLS AMG & McLaren MP4 12C street
- fixed drag race
- all cars with H pattern manual gearbox, when used with paddles, can now enable autocut-off autoblip assist properly. The timings are slower than what you can achieve with an H shifter hardware.
- Fixed multiplayer leaderboard logic
- Fixeg bugs in multiplayer GUI
- Overlay leaderboard implemented (Press F9 to cycle between 4 different modes)
- Fixed horn & lights in multiplayer
- Graphics & CPU Performance improvements
- Multiplayer Blacklist system improved
- Intro video at first launch, possible to disable it from options
- Replay Size reduced
- Replay frame interpolation improved
- Time Attack : fixed crash when trying to load open tracks & lap estimation formula improved
- Setup Force Feedback setting page improved
- ksEditor : notify when skinned mesh is imported with a wrong scale
- ksEditor : fixed IN/OUT camera normalized start-end position not rendering on spline during camera editing
- Fixed small random flashes during gameplay
- Added dedicated leaderboard APP
- Updated TAB key ingame leaderboard with a new look and functions
- Skidmarks start shape fixed and rendering is now faster
- Python apps can be enabled / disabled from the launcher
- Fixed bug "return to pits and lap counting in some special cases"
- Added Python camera control
- Fixed tyres jittering at low speeds
- Fixed missing wheels when AI car brake its engine and goes to pits
- Physics related rules : now cars must respect their defined set of rules in order to run on the track
- Track cameras now place the car in the middle of the screen
- Post Process App selector : fixed loading of default ppEffects.ini
- AI improvements
- Improved Drag AI
- Skidmarks are now disabled when setting World Detail to minimum
- Dynamic track randomness now less pronounced

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